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.net versions

Hello, Jaber is here..

I was gathering Information about the installed .NET framework runtime and came to some conclusions that I want to share with you

The easiest way to find all about dotnet is to open a powershell window and write the command dotnet --info

that will show all versions of the current runtime enviroment, along with installed runtimes, and SDKs. that includes the versions of Microsoft.AspNetCore.App and Microsoft.NetCore.App

now let me show you a trick if you want to cut it short and get straight to the point where only the installed versions are shown

(dir (Get-Command dotnet).Path.Replace('dotnet.exe', 'shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App')).Name

as you see above, the result is completely identical

of course you can combine the above code with invoke-command to get it work on a remote computer

Thats it ..

Do comment or let me know if you use another way or have a question



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