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Microsoft 365 most popular portals

Hi and welcome to powermator,

one of the biggest challenges (at least for me) is keeping track with the many names and links to the Microsoft portals I have to work with. Hence I wanted to make a summary what is there and how to access. So lets get started

Microsoft Office Home

Direct link: portal.office.com this will take you to the

As you see; above, in addition to the office online apps you can select “Admin” to jump to the next portal

Microsoft 365 admin center

Direct link: portal.microsoft.com or admin.microsoft.com will take you to the

as you see above, you can click on the “All admin centers” and from there you can jump further to next consoles

Microsoft Azure

Direct link: portal.azure.com will take you to the

Microsoft 365 security center

Direct link: security.microsoft.com will take you to the

Microsoft 365 compliance center

Direct link: compliance.microsoft.com will take you to the

“Microsoft End Point Manager admin center”

Direct link: endpoint.microsoft.com will take you to the

“Exchange admin center”

Direct link: admin.exchange.microsoft.com will take you to the

“Microsoft Defender for Identity”

Direct link: portal.atp.azure.com will take you to the

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