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Domain, Azure AD or Hybrid AD Joined??explained by dsregcmd

Hi and welcome to the powermator,

today I want to explain a powerfull command that I often use and still some how confusing to some administrators as they dont know how to translate the output of this command.

lets run the command and see the output, then I point to you the important things to note and understand

dsregcmd /status

part of the output will show the device state. I will try to briefly explain the output

AzureJoined – This will be ‘YES’ when the computer is joined to Azure AD, this is also called Cloud managed device.

EnterpriseJoined – This will be set to ‘Yes’ , if you register the device with ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service). This is used in a scenario where customer is completely on-premise and wants to use WHFB (Windows Hello For Business).

DomainJoined – This will be ‘YES’ when the computer is joined to a domain. This is also called on premise.

DomainName – This will show the Domain name

looking at the table below you can comprehend the device state

as you might have noticed, a hybrid device is a device that is joined to two domains.

If you like to read more about the other Info related to dsregcmd here is the documentation


Cheers! Jaber

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