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Register an APP with Microsoft identity platform

Hi and welcome back,

luckily Microsoft hat made it very easy to connect to their online APIs. In this article I will show you how to create and register an App and get it working. This will apply to all Microsoft online APIs.

well; in order to make the above wish happens we need to register our app with the Microsoft identity platform and declare the API permissions that are required. Lets get started

First step: we do an App registration.

login to portal.azure.com and go to AAD

under Manage select “App registration” then select “New registration

next is to name the new App and select the supported account types

after you click “Register” the App will be created and the App ID will be displayed

Next step: request permissions so that the App can access the API

move to the “API permissions” and slick “Add a permission

select the API you want to access with your App. In my case I am choosing MS Graph

next is to choose between delegated or application permission. Since I want to access the API when the user is signed-in I chose Delegated permission.

now you can choose what permissions to delegate and then click “select permissions“. In my case I have select the mail permissions because I want my App to send emails and read them.

Next step: is to consent the requested permissions

luckily MS made it easy and if you are an Admin then the Web console will asks directedly if you want to consent the permissions. Click “Grant admin consent

Next step: is to create an App secret key (Also referred to as App password)

Click “Certificates and secrets” then “New client secret

Add some description and expire date

make sure you save the generated Info as they will not displayed once again

Thats it! my next article will be testing the App and use it to send an Email. here

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